CircuitWorks Options - Warnings

Set thresholds at which CircuitWorks warns of potential build problems.

To display CircuitWorks Options - Warnings:

From the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, click Warnings .

To display the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, do one of the following:

  • From CircuitWorks, click the CircuitWorks application menu , then click Options .
  • From SOLIDWORKS, click Tools > CircuitWorks > CircuitWorks Options.


Warn me when CircuitWorks has to create more than
Specify warning thresholds for:
  • New components - CircuitWorks only builds a component model when there is no model in the Component Library. Building a large number of models can take considerable time. Consider filtering out components that are not required.
  • Drilled holes, Keep-out or keep-in areas, Traces, Pads, Filled areas, Annotations - Building a board with a large number of features increases the model build time and the size of the resulting model file. CircuitWorks warns you if a threshold will be exceeded before building a model. You can optionally cancel the build and filtering out features to reduce the amount of modeling required.

Warn me before

Overwriting the board model

Prompt before overwriting existing board files (the same board was previously modeled by CircuitWorks).

Overwriting any component models

Prompt before overwriting existing component model files (the same component was previously modeled by CircuitWorks).

Progress messages

Show all messages Displays import and export progress messages in addition to errors and warnings.
Show only errors and warnings  


Show message if CircuitWorks encounters errors on import When cleared, suppresses import error messages.