CircuitWorks Menu from SOLIDWORKS

Use the CircuitWorks menu and CommandManager toolbar to access CircuitWorks features from SOLIDWORKS. If the CircuitWorks menu is not visible, ensure that the CircuitWorks add-in is enabled.

CircuitWorks Menu

The following commands are available from the CircuitWorks menu.

Open ECAD File

Open an IDF, PADS, or Prostep EDMD file in CircuitWorks. You can then build a SOLIDWORKS component or board model.

Export to CircuitWorks

Export the SOLIDWORKS model to CircuitWorks. You can then save as an IDF file.

Component Library

Open the CircuitWorks Component Library, where you can browse SOLIDWORKS models.

Annotate Components

Annotate components in the model with ECAD properties.

CircuitWorks Options

Set CircuitWorks options.