Comparing ECAD Files

Use the Compare tool to identify differences between two ECAD files. You can then update one or both files to resolve differences.

  • The Compare tool uses reference designators to match components. You should only compare similar files with incremental differences.
  • CircuitWorks also uses the Compare tool to update assemblies. See Updating Assemblies.

To compare two files:

  1. Open the files you want to compare.
  2. Click Compare (Tools toolbar).
    Compare is active only if you have two or more files open.
    The differences are listed in a results panel at the bottom of the CircuitWorks application. For example:
    Component 'H1' has been removed.
    Component 'C344' has been moved.	Moved in X by 1 mm.
  3. To apply a difference to one of the files, right-click an item in the results list and select an update option.

    For example, if a component instance has moved, you can change the component location in either the first file or the second file.

  4. To close the results panel, click Close in the upper-right corner of the results panel, or close one of the files.