Opening an ECAD File from SOLIDWORKS

From SOLIDWORKS, you can open an ECAD file in CircuitWorks.

To open an ECAD file:

  1. From SOLIDWORKS, click Open ECAD File (CircuitWorks toolbar) or CircuitWorks > Open ECAD File .
    The SOLIDWORKS Open command ( File > Open ) imports IDF files using CircuitWorks Lite instead of the full version of CircuitWorks. Use Open only if you want to create a single part model from your IDF file.
  2. From the Open ECAD File dialog box, select the ECAD file.
    Use Files of type to display only files of specific ECAD file formats, such as IDF 4 File (*.idf) for IDF 4.0 files.
  3. Click Open.
    CircuitWorks analyzes the file. If there are no issues, CircuitWorks opens the file, starting a new CircuitWorks session if necessary, and updates the tree view and preview image. If there are warnings, CircuitWorks displays a dialog box. Click OK to ignore the warnings.