Gravity PropertyManager

Gravity (Basic Motion and Motion Analysis only) is a simulation element that moves components around an assembly by inserting a simulated gravitational force.

To open the Gravity PropertyManager:

From an assembly, click Gravity (MotionManager toolbar).

Gravity Parameters

Direction Reference Specifies a Direction Reference for gravity. You can select:
  • A face to orient gravity parallel to the normal.
  • An edge to orient gravity parallel to the edge.
  • X, Y, or Z to orient gravity in the chosen direction in the assembly reference frame.
Numeric gravity value Specifies the Numeric gravity value. Default is standard gravity.
You can use only one definition of Gravity in any simulation.


  • You can define one gravity simulation element per assembly.
  • All components accelerate at the same rate under the effect of gravity regardless of their mass.
  • Motion due to motors supersedes motion due to gravity. If you have a motor moving a component to the left and gravity pulling a component to the right, the component moves to the left, and the power consumption of the motor increases.