Motion Element Reuse

Design Library for Motion Elements

You can save motion elements such as springs, motors, or force specifications for reuse in other models.

Add motion elements to the Design Library as you would add other items. All motion elements in the Design Library are saved with the .sldsimfvt extension.

While in any motion study, drag saved motion elements from the Design Library to your model.

Re-using Saved Motion Elements

You can include saved motion elements in a motion study by dragging saved elements from the Design Library.

To include a saved motion element in a motion study:

  1. Open the Design Library folder in which the motion element is stored.
  2. Drag the motion element to an appropriate place in the assembly.
  3. Modify the element PropertyManager as required.
  4. Click .

Storing Motion Elements for Re-use

You can save specifications for springs, motors, forces, and other motion elements for re-use in other motion studies.

To save a selected motion element for re-use:

  1. Right-click the motion study element and select Add to Library.
    Alternatively, drag the selected element into the Design Library.
  2. In the Add to Library PropertyManager, enter a meaningful file name for the selected element and select a Design Library folder in which to store it.
  3. Click .
    A file with the extension .sldsimfvt is created in the Design Library folder.