When to Use Interpolation

You can use interpolation to simulate motion between key points in which there is a continuous value that changes at the end key point. You cannot use interpolation if you are simulating jumps in motion.

For example, you can use interpolation to approximate motion using:

  • Visual properties
  • View orientation
  • Component position and rotation
  • Mate values:
    • For distance mates, modify the distance at key points.
    • For angle mates, modify the angle at key points.
    • For path mates, modify the path specification at key points.
      You must apply a motor , force , or gravity to move mates through key points.
  • Explodes and collapses
  • Light and camera properties

Using the interpolation method is useful for view orientation changes, to avoid abrupt changes in motion.

Video: Interpolation Modes - Color Change