Key Frames and Key Points

You can use key points to represent a beginning or end of a change in animation position or other attributes at a given time. Whenever you position a new key point, it corresponds to motion or to changes to visual attributes.

Key frames define the portion of the timeline that separates key points.

A Key point is the entity that corresponds to defined assembly component positions, visual properties, or simulation element states.

The Key frame is the area between key points, which can be any length of time. It defines the time frame in which assembly component motion or visual property changes take place.

A View key is a view of the model at a particular point in time (camera view or model view). View keys appear in the Orientation and Camera Views key frame.

Identifying Key Points

You can identify key points by color.

Key Properties

When you move the pointer over any key point, a balloon displays the key properties for that key point time. If the component is collapsed in the MotionManager design tree, all key properties are included in the balloon.

When you move the pointer over any key point, the graphic area updates to display the corresponding position of the component.
  Key Property Description
Component Component Slide2<1> in the MotionManager design tree at a point in the timeline.
Move Component Move component.
Explode Explode indicating repositioning of a certain type.
Appearance Specifies the color applied to the component.
Transparency Indicates percentage of transparency.
Component display Wireframe or shaded.

Defining Properties at Key Points

You can define camera and light properties at key points in an animation. By defining camera position at key points, you can create walk-through animations.

To set camera or light properties at Key Points:

  1. Right-click Lights and Cameras (MotionManager design tree).
  2. Select an option:
    • Add Directional Light
    • Add Spot Light
    • Add Point Light
    • Add Camera
  3. Right-click the camera or light and set the following properties in the PropertyManager:
    • Target point
    • Camera position
    • Camera type
    • Field of View
    • Camera Rotation
    • Field of view
    • Light properties (position, brightness, cone angle, etc.)