Chart Properties

To access the Chart properties:

  1. Click Motion Study Properties (MotionManager toolbar).
  2. In the Motion Study section, click Plot Defaults.
  3. In the dialog box, select the Chart tab.


Automatic Draws the plot border as a black solid line with a weight of 1.
None Does not draw a border on the plot.
Custom Specifies the Style, Color, and Weight of the border line.


Automatic Sets the color of area enclosed by plot border to white.
None Sets the color of area enclosed by plot border to the same color assigned to the exterior of the plot.
Custom Specifies the Background color of the plot background in the area enclosed by the plot border.
Exterior Specifies the color of the area outside of the plot border.


Category X Axis Displays the x-axis of the plot.
Values Y Axis Display the y-axis of the plot.
Single Y Axis Displays only one y-axis, even if multiple curves exist in the plot. If not selected, one y-axis is displayed for each curve in the plot.
Category X Axis gridlines Displays the vertical gridlines starting at the x-axis major tick marks.
Values Y Axis gridlines Displays the horizontal gridlines starting at the y-axis major tick marks.