DXF/DWG Native Format

You can import entire DWG file sheets in native format (view only) to SOLIDWORKS drawing sheets, which allows the direct display and printing of the original DWG file entities inside SOLIDWORKS drawing documents. You can view, pan, zoom, and print these sheets. Only view-related controls are available.

The native format functionality improves import and viewing performance. If you have a large schematic drawing to include as a reference in a SOLIDWORKS drawing document, native format eliminates the need to convert the schematic drawing document entities. When you print the SOLIDWORKS drawing, the printed document contains all the items from the native format sheet.

eDrawings® must be installed on your computer for the native format option to be available.

When you open a SOLIDWORKS drawing document that contains native format DWG file data, the DXF/DWG PropertyManager appears and (Native DXF/DWG) appears in the SOLIDWORKS title bar.

To import a DWG file in native format:

  1. Open a DWG file.
  2. In the DXF/DWG Import dialog box:
    1. Select Embed as a sheet in native DXF/DWG format.
    2. To maintain a link to the source file, select Link to original file.
  3. Click Next to specify options on the Drawing Layer Mapping screen, or click Finish to import the drawing.
  4. If you chose Next, now click Next again to specify options on the Document Settings screen, or click Finish to import the drawing.
  5. In the PropertyManager, set the values to manage link references. Use the PropertyManager to enable and manage the external reference between the native format sheet and its source DWG file.

DXF/DWG PropertyManager

The DXF/DWG PropertyManager appears when you import a DWG file as a drawing and select Embed as a sheet in native DXF/DWG format in the DXF/DWG Import Wizard. Drawings in DXF/DWG native format are view only.

Link Reference

Link to Enables linking of the native format sheet in the SOLIDWORKS drawing document (*.slddrw) to its source DWG file. When you select this option, if the DWG source file has been modified since the *.slddrw file was created, the native format sheet appearance updates accordingly.
Folder Displays the path to the linked source DWG file.
Browse to a new DWG file to display in native format. The path is displayed in the Folder box.
Update Manually update the link and the native format display after you browse to the source DWG file in the Folder box.