Map SOLIDWORKS entities and colors to layers or colors when exporting a SOLIDWORKS drawing to a .dxf or .dwg file.

To open SOLIDWORKS to DXF/DWG Mapping, see Mapping Entities When Saving Drawings as .DXF or .DWG Files.

Define Layers Mapped layers are displayed. Add, edit, or delete layers. Select Color and Line Style from the lists.

Layers and DEFPOINTS are fixed layers. You cannot edit or delete them. DEFPOINTS layers occur in AutoCAD drawings.

Map Entities Mapped entities are displayed. Add, edit, or delete entities. Select Color and Line Style and Entity from the lists.

If you do not specify a color or line style, BYLAYER appears, which means that the color or line style of the entity is the same as the property of the layer.

Map Colors Color mapping can work on its own or with entity mapping. Color mapping definitions take precedence over entity mapping definitions.
Only map entities that are not on SOLIDWORKS layers

Select to apply the mapping file settings only to those entities whose layers are not defined, and to preserve existing SOLIDWORKS drawing file layers in the exported file. When cleared, the mapping file definitions overwrite the current SOLIDWORKS drawing file layers.