Route/Edit Through Clip PropertyManager

The Route/Edit through Clip PropertyManager appears when you pass new routes through a clip or edit existing routes that pass through a clip.

Route Through Clip Mode

  Clip selection Specifies the clip selected.
  Route selection Specifies all the selected routes that pass through the clip axis.

Arrange Routes

Select one of the following:

Auto arrange routes Automatically aligns routes to the best solution along a circular pattern. Use the correct diameter of the clip according to the sum of the diameters of the routes.
Merge routes Merges all routes into one route using the axis at the center of the clip.
Manually offset routes Specifies an offset distance of the routes from the clip axis or a reference entity.

Routes Passing Through Clip

Flip Direction Flips the route segment orientation from one side of the clip to the other side.
Unhook from Clip Unhooks the route from the clip. Automatically routes the route segment outside the clip.
Enter Sketch Drag Mode Allows you to drag routes freely to position them.