Routing File Locations and Settings Dialog Box

You can use the Routing File Locations and Settings tab to set file locations and options for Routing entities.

General Routing

Routing library Specifies the folder where you store Routing components.
Do not store Routing components in the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox library.

The Routing library folder is added to the Design Library, where you can access the components and drag them into a route.

In addition, the Routing library folder is updated in Options > File Locations under Referenced Documents.

You must also select Search file locations for external references in Options > External References.

You can create additional folders under the Routing library folder to organize components.

Some sample Routing parts are supplied in the default Routing library folder.
Routing template Specifies the routing template to use for new route assemblies. Before specifying a template here, verify that the folder is listed as a Document Templates folder in Options > File Locations. You can specify the folder from a local computer or Open from 3DEXPERIENCE.


Standard tubes Specifies the Excel file for standard tubes.
Covering library Specifies the .xml file for covering materials for pipes and tubes.
Tag scheme library Specifies the .xml file for tag schemes that you define in the Tag Scheme Manager. You can also use this location to load existing tag scheme .xml files to display the schemes under Scheme view in the Tag Scheme Manager.
Tag schemes are only used in Routing assemblies created from P&ID data.

Electrical cabling

Cable wire library Specifies the .xml file for the cable/wire library.
Component library Specifies the .xml file for the component library.
Standard cable Specifies the Excel file for standard cables.
Covering library Specifies the .xml file for covering materials for wires and cables.


Routing Library Manager Units Sets the default units for data on any tab in the Routing Library Manager.
Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE Batch uploads the routing component library from a local machine to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Settings file

You can share file location settings with other users.

Load Settings Loads file location settings from a .sqy file.
Load Default

Resets file location settings to the original system defaults, which are in subfolders of C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS version.

Routing library \design library\routing
Routing template \templates\routeAssembly.asmdot
Standard tubes \design library\routing\Standard Tubes.xls
Covering library (Piping/Tubing) \design library\routing\coverings.xml
Tag scheme library \design library\routing\tag schemes.xml
Cable wire library \design library\routing\electrical\cable.xml
Component library \design library\routing\electrical\components.xml
Standard cable \design library\routing\Standard Cables.xls
Covering library (Electrical cabling) \design library\routing\electrical\coverings-electrical.xml
Save Settings Saves settings to a .sqy file location.