Routing Libraries and the Routing Component Wizard

Routing provides you with libraries of electrical, piping and tubing parts. You can model additional parts and add them to the libraries.

You can find selections of pre-defined parts in the Routing Library, and also in the Design Library.

The Design Library provides features, parts, and assembly files within the Task Pane. The files can be inserted into parts and assemblies.

You can use the Routing Library Manager to create new routing part files and add them to the Design Library as components.

You can use the Routing Component Wizard of the Routing Library Manager to add one or more connection points (CPoints) to existing parts, so they can be used in routing assemblies, and to add those parts to the Design Library.

Plan your library and folder structure. Users can share one library of parts on a network server, or maintain their own libraries on each system. Set up folders so users will understand where to find the files they need.

Make it a practice to rename part files when you copy them to different folders and libraries. The copies can be modified, and you do not want different versions mistaken for each other. Also, the software does not allow two files with the same name to be open at the same time. Assigning different names to files allows them to be used in the same routing subassembly.