Cable Clips

Cable clips and other similar hardware (cable clamps, tie wraps, brackets, and so on) are often used to restrain electrical cables or flexible tubes at selected points along their route.

You can:
  • Place clips in the route sub-assembly, and the software automatically routes a spline through the clips.
  • Place clips in the main assembly, then automatically route a spline through them in the route sub-assembly.
  • Create multiple configurations of a clip in different sizes, so that the clip automatically resizes to the appropriate configuration when the cable diameter changes.
  • Move a clip after you create a route through it. The route updates to match the new location of the clip.
  • Rotate clips while or after you place them in an assembly.
  • Align an axis of a clip with an edge or axis in the assembly.
  • Use virtual clips, which do not require any solid geometry, to position a route.
You can also use cable clips when you create an orthogonal route for pipes in the Auto Route PropertyManager.