Add Splice PropertyManager

You can use the Add Splice PropertyManager to add and edit splices to electrical routes.

The PropertyManager appears when you drag a splice component from the Design Library onto the split point. When you pin this PropertyManager and select Without Component in Splice Options, you can assign properties to the splice and add multiple splices with the same properties.

When you add splices to the route, the software adds a Splices folder to the FeatureManager design tree.

You can delete splices without components from the FeatureManager design tree or from the graphics area by deleting the splice junction point.

Splice Options

With component Adds splices with components.
Without Component Adds splices without components and displays Additional Properties. You can create and modify properties.

Splice Parameters

Use Splice Library Select the type and the name of the splice defined in the library.
Splice Reference Name Enter a name for the splice.
Splice Component Displays the file path of the splice component. Browse to select another splice component. You can browse from the local computer or from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Additional Properties

Name Enter a name for a new property.
Value Enter a value or text expression for a new property.
Create/Edit Adds the new name and value to the Additional Properties list.

Splice Drawing Options

Add Splice Connector table Adds a connector table for the splice drawing.
Add Splice Connector in BOM Adds splice to the BOM.
This option also appears in the Component Properties dialog box. The setting must be consistent in both the PropertyManager and the dialog box.