Adding a Splice

This topic describes how to add a splice after splitting the route.

  1. Open a routing assembly in Edit Route mode.
  2. Right-click the sketch entity at the location where you want a split in the route and click Tools > Routing > Electrical > Split Route.
    A split point is added where the sketch entities separate.
  3. Select the split point and click Tools > Routing > Electrical > Add Splice.
  4. From the Design Library, drag a splice component onto the split point.
    The splice supports various wire sizes. Select the configuration of the splice component to use based on the wire size.
  5. In the Add Splice PropertyManager, enter a name for the splice, and select the options to add a connector table and a BOM, if desired.
  6. Click .
    The splice is added to the FeatureManager design tree.
    You can add splice components to routes with the Add to Route command. You can add splices in the graphics area and connect existing routes to it.