Routing Discrete Wires through Clips

You can route the discrete wires bundle through the clips and can flatten them in the assembly.

To route discrete wires through clips:

  1. Open a discrete wires route assembly with preplaced clips.
  2. Click Edit Route (Electrical toolbar) or Tools > Routing > Electrical > Edit Route.
  3. Click Route/Edit Through Clip.
  4. In the graphics area, select the axis of the clip.
  5. Select any spline in the discrete wires bundle.
    The entire bundle passes through the clip.
  6. In the PropertyManager, under Arrange Routes and Manually offset routesoption, adjust:
    1. Offset from clip axis to specify the distance of the route from the axis of clip.
    2. Offset from reference entity to specify the distance of the route from the reference entity.
  7. In the PropertyManager, under Routes passing through clip, click:
    1. Flip Direction to flip the route.
    2. Unhook from clip to unhook the route from the clip.