Performance Evaluation - Open Performance

Open Performance provides information related to opening an assembly.

Open Summary Reports on dismissed warnings and error messages, informational messages, and components that cannot be opened. The report only applies to assemblies or assembly drawings that you open from disk.

You can dismiss warning and error messages by clicking Don't show again or by waiting for the them to time out.

To select the option to dismiss messages:

Details of the Open Document File Lists files by the amount of time taken to open files.

Click Open to open a file in a new window. You must close the Performance Evaluation dialog box before you can switch to the opened file.

Previous Version References

Indicates if the files are updated to the current version of SOLIDWORKS.

After you convert files to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS, you cannot open them in older SOLIDWORKS versions.

To list the unconverted components:

Click Show these Files and then click Isolate Components to display only the selected components in the graphics area.

To convert files, open the file in the latest SOLIDWORKS version and save the file.

Modified on Open Indicates the number of opened files that are updated while the assembly opens. Click Show these Files to view the list of updated files.