Weldment Cut List Column PropertyManager

Use this PropertyManager to change the content of a column in a weldment cut list.

Specify the columns to be included in a weldment cut list and their position in the table.

To open the Column PropertyManager:

Click the head of a column when the pointer changes to pointer_Table_Column.gif.

To change the column positions:

Drag and drop columns to move position within a table.

To add a new column to the table:

Right-click in a table column and select Insert > Column Right or Column Left. You cannot add columns from within the PropertyManager.

Column Properties

For the selected column, choose one of the following column types, listed with its header title. You can edit the header in the Title box below.

Item number ITEM NO. Data for each Cut-List-Item in the model populates the column. Each Cut-List-Item is listed under Cut list in the FeatureManager design tree of the part document.
Quantity QTY. The number of entities in each Cut-List-Item populates the column.
Cut list item name Cut list item name The name of the cut list item (Cut-List-Item1, for example) in the part document populates the column.
User defined   Edit <New Column> in Title for the column header. Enter data into the column manually.
Cut list item property   Custom properties for cut list items in the part document. Select an item in Custom property and edit text for the column header in Title. Properties such as DESCRIPTION and LENGTH are available automatically for bodies created through the Structural Member PropertyManager. You can add other custom properties for cut list items.
Title   Edit the text of the column header.