Inserting Weldment Cut List Tables in Drawings

To insert a weldment cut list table into a drawing:

  1. In a drawing, click Weldment Cut List Tool_Weldment_Cut_List_Table.gif (Table toolbar) or Insert > Tables > Weldment Cut List.
  2. Select a drawing view.
  3. Specify properties in the Weldment Cut List PropertyManager, then click PM_OK.gif.
  4. If you did not select Attach to anchor point in the PropertyManager, click in the graphics area to place the cut list.
    You can insert multiple cut lists in a drawing sheet.
    Be sure to trim structural members in the part document so that correct lengths appear on the cut list in the drawing. For example, use Trim/Extend tool_Trim_Extend_Weldment.gif (Weldments toolbar) to trim both ends of the cross member flush with the faces of the side members so the correct length (270) appears on the cut list.
    Before trimming
    After trimming