Rib PropertyManager

The Rib PropertyManager appears when you create a new rib feature, or when you edit an existing rib feature.

To open this PropertyManager:

Click Rib (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Rib.

The PropertyManager controls the following properties:


Some fields that accept numeric input allow you to create an equation by entering = (equal sign) and selecting global variables, functions, and file properties from a drop-down list. See Direct Input of Equations in PropertyManagers.
  Thickness Adds thickness to the selected side of the sketch. Select one of the following:

First Side

Adds material only to one side of the sketch.

Both Sides

Adds material equally to both sides of the sketch.

Second Side

Adds material only to the other side of the sketch.

Rib Thickness

If you add draft, you can set the thickness at the sketch plane or at the wall interface. Select one of the following:

At sketch plane

At wall interface

  Extrusion Direction

Sketch for rib using open sketch contours on a parallel plane.

Select one of the following:

Parallel to Sketch

Creates the rib extrusion parallel to the sketch.

Normal to Sketch

Creates the rib extrusion normal to the sketch.

  Flip material side Changes the direction of the extrusion.
Draft On/Off Adds draft to the rib. Set Draft Angle to specify the degrees for the draft.

Draft Outward (Available when Draft On/Off is selected.)

Creates an outward draft angle. If cleared, it creates an inward draft angle.


Create a sketch on a plane that is offset from the plane of the base part.

Select one of the following:


Creates a rib that extends the sketch contours normal to the direction of the sketch until they meet a boundary.


Creates a rib that extends the sketch contours, continuing with the same contour equation until the rib meets a boundary. For example, if the sketch is an arc of a circle, Natural extends the rib using the circle equation, until it meets a boundary.

In this example, the rib extends from the arc contour, using the circle equation until it meets a boundary, forming a circle. The other end of the sketch extends using a straight line equation, until it meets a boundary.

  Selected body (Available for multibody parts only) After you create a sketch for the rib, select a body.
  Next Reference(Available when you select Parallel to Sketch for Extrusion Direction and Draft On/Off ) Toggles through the sketch contours so you can select the one to use as the reference contour for the draft.

Example: Rib Feature with Reference Contour Draft

Selected Contours

Selected Contours Lists the sketch contours used to create the rib feature.