Decals Pane

The Decals pane of the DisplayManager lists the decals applied to the current model.

To display this pane:

On the DisplayManager click View Decals .

Order of Presentation

Each decal applied to the model is listed. Subnodes of each decal list the references the decal is applied to. If decals overlap, decals listed higher in the list are on top of those that are listed lower.

Decal Context Menu

When you right-click a decal in the DisplayManager, options are as follows:

  Add Decal Applies a decal to the selected reference, or if none, to a reference you select. Opens the Decals PropertyManager.
Edit Decal Edits the decal in the Decals PropertyManager.
  Delete Deletes the decal.
  Hide Decal and Show Decal Toggles the visibility of the decal without deleting it.
  Move Decal Up Moves the current decal one position higher in the list, obscuring any decals lower in the list that it overlaps.
  Move Decal Down Moves the current decal one position lower in the list, where it may be obscured by decals higher in the list.
  Collapse Item Collapses all subnodes under this item.
  Collapse All Collapses all nodes in the Decals pane.
  Expand All Expands all nodes in the Decals pane.