Review Capabilities

Most of the capabilities in Large Design Review mode are limited versions of existing SOLIDWORKS capabilities. Snapshots are available only in Large Design Review.

Most available tools appear on the Large Design Review tab of the CommandManager.


You can create walk-throughs in Large Design Review just as you do in resolved mode.

Click Add Walk-through tool_AddWalk-through_View.gif or View > Lights and Cameras > Add Walk-through. Walk-throughs can be played back in both Large Design Review and resolved modes, regardless of which mode they were created in.


You can measure the distance between entities in Large Design Review.

Click Measure Tool_Measure_Tools.gif or Tools > Evaluate > Measure. When you select two entities (vertices, edges, or faces) the software reports the approximate distance between them.


Measurements reported in Large Design Review are approximate. To obtain accurate measurements, you must resolve the components.

Section Views

You can create section views in Large Design Review.

Click Section View Tool_Section_View.gif or View > Display > Section View . For section planes, you can select one or more of the three standard planes in the PropertyManager, or any planar face in the graphics area. You can cap the ends of the section view.


You cannot select other planes to section the model.


You can use Isolate to focus on selected components.

Select one or more components, and then right-click and click Isolate.


You cannot save the isolated view as a display state. However, you can take a snapshot.


In Large Design Review mode, you can take snapshots of locations that you want to return to.

Click Take Snapshot tool_Take_Snapshot_View.gif (View toolbar) or View > Lights and Cameras > Take Snapshot, or press Alt + Spacebar.

You can view snapshots in resolved, lightweight, and Large Design Review modes, regardless of the mode they were created in.


You can save an assembly in Large Design Review only when you create or change walk-throughs or snapshots.

3DEXPERIENCE Users: You can save the model locally or to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.