Ordering Balloons

In addition to creating balloons, stacked balloons, and auto balloons following the assembly order, you can create balloons and number them sequentially. For balloons, auto balloons, or stacked balloons, you can also control the direction of the ordering (for example, left to right or right to left for a linear arrangement), as well as which balloon is designated as the first balloon.

To order balloons sequentially:
  • A bill of materials must exist in the drawing. Ordering balloons sequentially reorders the bill of materials.
  • You must link the balloons to the bill of materials. When you create a new bill of materials, the balloons are automatically linked to it. In cases where they are not linked, you can link them by right-clicking in the drawing view and clicking Properties. In the Drawing View Properties dialog box, on the View Properties tab, under Balloons, select Link balloon text to specified table, and click OK.
  • You must add the balloons to the drawing because, at insertion time, you have the option to order the balloons sequentially. After the balloons are added to the drawing, the option to order sequentially is not available.