Creating VDA Balloons

In drawings, you can tag inspection points according to VDA requirements. VDA balloons are frequently used in the German automotive industry.

You use circular balloons with a VDA leader type to create VDA balloons.

Before you begin, specify options for the VDA leader:

  1. Open the drawing.
  2. Click Options (Standard toolbar), select the Document Properties tab, and then select Annotations.
  3. On the Balloons page, under Leader display, for Single/Stacked Balloons, select VDA.
  4. On the Notes page, under Leader display, for Single/Stacked Balloons, select VDA.
  5. Click OK.

To add VDA balloons:

  1. Click Balloon (Annotation toolbar), or click Insert > Annotations > Balloon.
  2. Under Settings, for Balloon text, select Text.
  3. Click a location for the balloon.
    A circular balloon appears.

  4. In the PropertyManager, click OK .
  5. Click the balloon, and then in the PropertyManager, click More Properties.
  6. In the Note PropertyManager, under Leader, click VDA Leader .
    The balloon changes to a VDA balloon.

Moving, Rotating, and Editing VDA Balloons

You can move and rotate VDA balloons and edit the text.

Select the balloon and do the following:

To move it, drag the attachment point.

Optionally, you can attach the leader to an item such as an edge or vertex. Drag over the item and drop when the item highlights.

To rotate it, drag any part of it except the attachment point.
To change the text, select the balloon and edit Balloon text in the PropertyManager.