Sheet Metal Properties

Properties specific to sheet metal parts are calculated and displayed in the Cut-List Properties dialog box.

Some of the properties that are calculated are based on the bounding box, the smallest rectangle in which the flat pattern can fit. You can set a grain direction to determine the smallest rectangle that aligns with the grain direction to fit the flat pattern (see Flat-Pattern PropertyManager).

The bounding box is represented by a sketch when you flatten the sheet metal part and is located in the FeatureManager design tree under Flat-Pattern . You can also create a bounding box for any cut list item in a cut list, independent of the type of solid or sheet metal bodies in the cut list item.

Example of bounding box sketch in a flat pattern:

The following properties are calculated in sheet metal parts:
Bounding Box Length Longest side of the bounding box
Bounding Box Width Shortest side of the bounding box
Sheet Metal Thickness  
Bounding Box Area Bounding box length x Bounding box width
Bounding Box Area-Blank Area of the flat pattern excluding the through cut-outs
Cutting Length-Outer Outer perimeter of the flat pattern (blank), which is used for calculating the machine’s cutting time
Cutting Length-Inner Sum of the perimeters of internal loops or cut-outs
Cut Outs Closed cut outs (through holes) on the flat pattern, which are used for calculating the machine’s idle time
Bends Number of bends in the part
Bend Allowance Basis of the flat pattern calculation
Bend Radius  
Surface Treatment  
Weight Calculates the Mass (mass based on the folded mass) or Flattened-Mass (mass based on the model's flat pattern)
Sheet Metal Gauge Displays the gauge number if you use gauge tables to define the thickness of sheet metal parts.

The Evaluated Value for Sheet Metal Gauge is Gauge Number GA. For example, if you use a 3 Gauge in a sheet metal part, the Evaluated Value is 3 GA.

Viewing Sheet Metal Properties

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree, expand Cut list .
  2. Right-click a Cut-List-Item and click Properties.
    The properties are updated whenever you update the cut list or flatten the part.