Spline Points

The Insert Spline Point command adds one or more points to splines.

With spline points, you can:
  • Use spline points as handles to pull the spline into the shape you want.
  • Add dimensions between spline points or between spline points and other entities.
  • Add relations to spline points.

Inserting Spline Points

To insert spline points:

  1. In Edit Sketch mode, select a spline.
  2. Click Insert Spline Point Tool_Insert_Spline_Point_Spline_Tools.gif (Spline Tools toolbar) or Tools > Spline Tools > Insert Spline Point .
    The pointer changes to Pointer_Insert_Spline_Point01.gif.
  3. Click to position the spline point Pointer_Insert_Spline_Point02.gif.
    The spline point adds a spline handle.
  4. Insert additional spline points.
  5. Click PM_OK.gif.

Deleting Spline Points

To delete spline points:

In an open sketch, select a point and press Delete.

Video: Inserting Spline Points