Context Toolbars

When you select items in the graphics area or FeatureManager design tree, context toolbars appear and provide access to frequently performed actions for that context.

The tools in the context toolbar are a subset of items previously found on the shortcut menus.

You can right-click while the context toolbar is displayed and see the additional menu items that relate to the currently selected item.

Context toolbars are available for parts, assemblies, and sketches. In drawings, you can access context toolbars and menus for centerlines, sketches, drawing views, and markups.

You can use the keyboard to access tools in shortcut menus and context toolbars in the graphics area.

Shift +F10 or menu key Opens the shortcut menu.
Arrow keys Navigates through the menu and toolbar items.
When a context toolbar appears on its own in the graphics area (without a shortcut menu), the context toolbar does not support keyboard navigation.
Enter Executes the selected menu item or tool.
Esc Dismisses the shortcut menu, context toolbar, or a tool's menu.

Displaying the Context Toolbar

In addition to setting options for default context toolbar visibility, you can specify the visibility of context toolbars for relevant standard mates and configurations.

To display the context toolbar:

  1. Open a part, assembly, or drawing document.
  2. Click Tools > Customize, or right-click in the window border and select Customize.
  3. On the Toolbars tab, under Context toolbar, select options:
    Option Description
    Show on selection Displays the context toolbars when you select a feature in the graphics area or FeatureManager design tree.
    Show quick configurations Provides a context toolbar access to configurations for selected components or subassemblies.
    Show quick mates Provides a context toolbar for quick specification of appropriate standard mates for your component selections.
    Show flip alignment and lock rotation after quick mates Displays the flip alignment and lock rotation options after you create a mate from the Quick Mates context toolbar.
    Show in shortcut menu Displays the context toolbar when you right-click a feature to display a shortcut menu.
  4. Click OK.

Opening a Subassembly in a Different Mode

For assemblies open in Large Design Review mode, you can open a subassembly in Large Design Review or resolved mode. You can also open a drawing in Detailing mode.

To open a subassembly in a different mode:

  1. Open an assembly that contains a subassembly in Large Design Review mode.
  2. Open a subassembly:
    1. Right-click a subassembly and click the down arrow for Open .
    2. Click Large Design Review or Resolved.
  3. Optional: If the assembly has a drawing, right-click the subassembly and click Open Drawing in Detailing Mode .