Heads-up View Toolbar

A transparent toolbar in each viewport provides all the common tools required for manipulating the view.

Custom and camera views that you define appear on the View Orientation flyout.

This toolbar replaces the view pop-up menu associated with the reference triad.
To customize the Heads-Up View toolbar, click Tools > Customize and select the Toolbars tab:
  • Select or clear View (Heads-Up) to show or hide the toolbar.
  • To add toolbar buttons, select the Commands tab. Drag a button from a category to the toolbar. We recommend that you search for buttons in the Flyout Toolbars and View categories.
  • To reorder buttons, drag them to a new location on the toolbar.
  • To remove a button, drag it off the toolbar.
You can also show or hide the Heads-Up View toolbar by selecting or clearing View > Toolbars > View (Heads-Up).

For more information, see User Interface Overview