Referencing Coordinate Systems

You can reference all parts of coordinate systems, such as planes, axes, and origin, in downstream features. For example, you can sketch on the XY plane of a coordinate system or use the Z axis of a coordinate system as the axis for a revolve feature.

Plane Axis Origin
In a part or assembly, click Insert > Reference Geometry > Coordinate System and create the coordinate system. Hover over a plane, axis, or the origin to highlight each entity. This functionality is useful for actions such as sketching, mating, and more. The table below gives additional examples of items that you can use to reference coordinate systems.
Item Description
3D sketches Create sketch relations between 3D sketch entities and coordinate system axes, planes, and origin.
2D sketch dimensions Create 2D sketch dimensions that reference coordinate system axes, planes, and origin.
  • Mirror features and bodies
  • Mirror Components
  • Insert > Mirror Part
Select a coordinate system plane as the mirror plane.
Reference Plane Select a coordinate system axis to create a new plane perpendicular to that axis. Use a vertex or point from the model to position the plane.
Select Other Select coordinate system axes, planes, and origin.

To see this functionality, show coordinate systems. Click View > Hide/Show > Coordinate Systems.
To select an entire coordinate system instead of the origin or individual planes or axes, in the graphics area, Alt + select the coordinate system.