Working with the Make Multibody Part Tool on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Keep these considerations in mind when working with parts made with the Make Multibody Part tool and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Opening Files

When you open these files in the platform, only the derived part downloads, not the referenced assembly. If the opened derived part is not the latest version compared to the assembly, you need to rebuild the assembly. If the derived part refers to a different assembly than the one in the local cache, a warning displays, indicating a different assembly revision.

Another scenario is when the derived part points to an assembly with the same filename but different content. In such cases, an error message prompts you to delete the locally cached assembly.

Saving Files

When you first save the model after using the Make Multibody Part tool, both the derived parts and the referenced assembly are saved together. If the referenced assembly is missing and the Saved files with missing references option is selected in the Settings page, the part is saved as a standalone file.

In subsequent saves, without the referenced assembly in the local cache, only the derived part is included in the save. The Make From relation persists between the parent assembly and the derived part when opening only the derived part for consecutive saves.