Working with Annotation Tables

Dragging a Table

  1. In the Table PropertyManager, clear Attach to anchor point. (For Excel-based bills of materials, clear Use table anchor point in the Bill of Materials Properties dialog box.)
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Hold Alt and drag the table from anywhere inside the table.
    • Drag the move_table.gif icon in the upper left corner of the table.

Snapping a Table to Sheet Format Entities

  1. Drag the table toward a vertical or horizontal line or a vertex in the sheet format.
  2. As the edge of the table snaps to the line or point, release the pointer.

Adding a Column or Row to a Table

In the column or row where you want to add the new column or row, right-click and select Insert, then select an option.

Selecting or Deleting a Table, Column, or Row

Right-click in the table and choose Select or Delete, then Table > Column , or Row.
If you select an entire table, press Delete to delete the table. If only a cell is selected, press Delete to delete the contents of the cell.

Formatting an Entire Table

  1. Click the move_table.gif icon in the upper left corner to select the table.
  2. Format the table.

Viewing the Header Row

  1. Move the pointer over the table_header.gif icon in the upper left corner of the table.
  2. Click when the pointer changes to pointer_table_header.gif.
    You can see the header row and modify the text.

Splitting a Table

Right-click in the table and select Split:
  • Horizontally Above
  • Horizontally Below
  • Vertically Left
  • Vertically Right
To merge a table that has been split, right-click in a section of the table and select Merge Tables.

Merging or Splitting Adjacent Cells

  1. Select the cells.
  2. Right-click and select Merge cells or Unmerge a cell.