Annotation Tables Overview

Most tables have the following functionality:
  • Drag with the pointer
  • Snap to an anchor point that you can set
  • Snap to lines and vertices in the sheet format
  • Use standard or custom templates
  • Add columns and rows and adjust their dimensions
  • Select and delete tables, columns, and rows
  • Split or merge tables
  • Merge or split adjacent cells
  • Sort the contents of columns
  • Zoom to selection
  • Control color in layers
You can also edit items in most tables:
  • If you edit items in a table, automatic controls do not change them. To edit text, double-click the text and edit on screen. The Note PropertyManager appears, allowing you to format the text in addition to editing it.
  • If the cell value is parametrically linked to a part or assembly document, a warning appears, indicating that editing the value will sever the link. To restore the link in the future, delete the user-defined text from the cell, or right-click the cell and select Restore Original Value.