Assembly Not Up to Date

When you switch back to the assembly window after editing a component in a separate window, several situations can cause the assembly rebuild to be skipped.

Usually, when you switch back to the assembly window, a message asks if you want to rebuild. If you click No, the rebuild is skipped.

If the message does not appear and the rebuild is skipped, it is for one of these reasons:
  • Previously, you selected Don't show again in the message box. When you return to the assembly window, the selection that you made (Yes or No) is automatically applied. If you selected No, then the rebuild is skipped.
  • You enabled Large Assembly Settings and selected the Assemblies option Do not rebuild when switching to assembly window. The rebuild of the assembly is skipped even if you have previously selected Don't show again and clicked Yes (to rebuild).

When a rebuild is skipped, a yellow warning triangle appears on Rebuild (Standard toolbar), and a tooltip states Assembly not up to date.

To rebuild the assembly:

Click Rebuild (Standard toolbar) or Edit > Rebuild.