Keep or Discard Component Changes Dialog Box

When an assembly file is open and you close a changed component file without saving the changes, you can keep or discard the component changes in the assembly file.

For example, suppose you have an assembly open in one window. You open one of its components in a separate window and make changes to the component. Then you close the component file, and click No when asked if you want to save the changes. Because the component is still open in another window (the assembly window), changes you made to the component still appear in that other window. A dialog box asks if you want to keep or discard the changes in the other window.

Click one of the following:

Keep changes in assembly Keeps the changes in the assembly file, even though you did not save them in the component file. For example, click Yes when you want to make more changes to the component, but you need to make them in the context of the assembly.
Later, when you save the assembly file, changes to the component are saved to the component file.
Discard changes in assembly Reloads the unchanged component file into the assembly file, so that the changes no longer appear in the assembly.
Cancel Keeps the component file open so you can make other changes or save the file.