Component Part Number in Configurations

When you create configurations with a design table, the software automatically sets options in the Configuration Properties PropertyManager.

Under Part number displayed when used in a bill of materials, the Configuration Name is selected. A bill of materials for an assembly that contains the document lists the part configuration name in the PART NO. column.

In a design table, the $PARTNUMBER parameter lets you specify a different value for the PART NO. column of the BOM. For an assembly document, this is the part number used when this configuration of the assembly appears in the BOM as a subassembly. The column header uses this syntax:


The column header is not case-sensitive.

In the table body cells, type the part number for each configuration. The following table shows values that you can use with this parameter:
Value Property Used
$P or $PARENT Parent configuration name (derived configurations only)
$C or $CONFIGURATION Configuration name
any_text Custom name
blank Configuration name

If multiple configurations of the same document are used in an assembly, the BOM lists each configuration by name as a separate item number. If you do not want each configuration listed separately in the BOM, assign the same value for the $PARTNUMBER parameter in all the configurations.

Example of a design table that controls the value of a part number in a BOM with custom names: