Camera Folder

The Camera folder on the DisplayManager lists information about cameras applied to the current model.

To display this folder:

On the DisplayManager, click View Scene, Lights, and Cameras and expand the Camera folder.

Camera Context Menu

Right-click a camera and select an option:

Add Camera Adds a camera and opens the Camera PropertyManager.
Show Cameras Enables the display of the cameras in the graphics area.


Changes the availability of the camera.
Delete Removes the camera from the model.
  Edit Camera Opens the Camera PropertyManager for this camera.
  Lock Camera Disables repositioning of the camera except when the Camera PropertyManager is open.
  Camera View Sets the view in the graphics area to what is visible through the camera.
  Collapse Item Collapses all subnodes under this item.
  Collapse All Collapses all nodes in the Scene, Lights, and Cameras pane.
  Expand All Expands all nodes in the Scene, Lights, and Cameras pane.