Example: Create Mate References When the Names Match

In this example, you specify that the names match when you create a mate reference.

To create mates only when the names match:
  1. Open a model with a mate reference where the name of the mate reference is different for each component.
  2. Open one of the components from the mate reference.
  3. In the FeatureManager design tree for the component, under the Mate References folder, right-click a mate reference and click Edit Definition.
  4. In the Mate Reference PropertyManager, under Reference Name, select Create mates only when names match.
  5. Copy the Reference Name value to use later.
  6. Open the other component in the mate reference and repeat the steps to enable Create mates only when names match.
  7. For Reference Name, enter the name from the first component.
  8. Close both components.
  9. In a model, click Insert > Reference Geometry > Mate Reference.
  10. Under References, select Create mates only when names match.
  11. Select the two components to mate.