Rip PropertyManager

To open this PropertyManager:

  1. In a part, click Rip (Sheet Metal toolbar) or Insert > Sheet Metal > Rip.


Edges to Rip Specifies internal or external edges, or linear sketch entities to rip.

The icon for Edges to Rip changes to if you select a circular or conical edge.

Reference Point Specifies the nearest point on the selected reference edge to use as the start of the rip on a cylindrical or conical model.

This can be a sketch point, model vertex, or reference geometry point.

The reference point can be on the model or anywhere in the graphics area. If you select a reference point that is not on the model, the software projects the point onto the model.

  Change Direction (Linear rips only.) Specifies the rip direction.
You can select an item in Edges to Rip, then click Change Direction multiple times to specify the rip in one direction or both directions.

Rip Gap (Linear rips only.) Specifies the gap distance.

Rip Parameters

Cylindrical or conical rips only.

  Gap Specifies the opening angle for the rip.
  • Blind. Creates a rip gap with the specified angle on one or the other side of the Reference Point.
  • Symmetric. Creates a rip on both sides of the Reference Point.

Click Change Direction to reverse the gap direction.

Rip Gap Specifies a linear gap value.
Rip Gap Angle Specifies an angular gap value.
  Offset Lets you specify a linear or angular gap offset. You can specify:
  • Rip Gap Offset . Specifies the linear distance between the Reference Point and the location of the rip cut.

  • Rip Gap Offset Angle . Specifies the angular distance between the Reference Point and the location of the rip cut.

  • Flip offset. Reverses the offset from the Reference Point.