Save As New Dialog Box

In the Save As New dialog box, you specify options for files that you save with new names to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

To access this dialog box, do one of the following:
  • In SOLIDWORKS, click File > Save As New or from the Quick Access tools on the menu bar, click Save As New .
  • In the MySession widget, right-click a component and click Save As New or from the action bar, click Save Active Window As New .


Specifies a title for the files. SOLIDWORKS preselects the title for you to change.

Show References

(Derived parts, assemblies, and drawings) Appears when there are references in the selected file to other files. Click to specify options.

New Title

Applies a prefix or suffix to the selected file titles in the assembly references table.

Add Prefix  
Add Suffix  

Include Drawings

Include Drawings Lets you specify drawings of components to save as new. Click Show References and under Action, select components to save as new. Click to update the table. For each drawing, specify Save as New or Exclude.

Assembly References Table

Nested View Displays the component reference structure as per the SOLIDWORKS FeatureManager design tree. Common components shared between assemblies appear multiple times in the tree.
Flat View Lists all the unique component references in the FeatureManager design tree as a single item.
Original Title Displays the original file title as read-only.
Action From the menu, select an option. You can select multiple rows and change their values simultaneously.
  • Reuse (default). Reuses the reference in the new assembly. Disables the New Title column.
  • Save As New. Creates a new document from the selected document reference. If multiple rows represent a common component reference (in structure view), SOLIDWORKS updates those rows.
  • Exclude. Prevents the drawing file from being saved as new.
New Title Displays the new title for the file, including any prefix or suffix you added. If you select Save As New, the New Title must differ from the Original Title.
Hide References (Assemblies only) Shows or hides references.

Save to This PC

Opens the SOLIDWORKS Save As dialog box so you can save the file to the local disk.