Merge Duplicates Dialog Box

You can merge duplicate files in your models before saving the models to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

To open the Merge Duplicates dialog box:

  1. In SOLIDWORKS, click Tools > File Preparation Assistant.
  2. Populate the fields and select Detect duplicate files and prompt to merge.
  3. Click Start.
    The Merge Duplicates dialog box opens when duplicate files are found.

    In the dialog box, Duplicate lists the number of duplicates for a file. Merged Results lists the number of files after a merge is done.

  4. Select a row and click Analyze references.
    Details for the duplicate files show.
  5. Under Master, select a master file.
  6. To merge duplicate files in to the master file, select Merge + Delete for the duplicate file.
    Selecting Merge + Delete for a file results in the deletion of the file.

    Files that do not have Merge + Delete selected are assigned a new file name. You can change this file name.

  7. Optional: To change the file name assigned to a duplicate file, double-click the file name under New Filename and edit the name.
  8. Click Apply to apply your changes.
  9. Click Done to close the dialog box.