Adding Columns to Weld Tables

  1. Right-click in a column and click Insert.
  2. Click Column Right or Column Left.
  3. In Column type, select from:
    • Item No.
    • Weld Size
    • Symbol
    • Weld Length
    • Qty.
    • Weld Note
    • Total Weld Mass
    • Total Welding Cost
    • Total Welding Time
    • Weld Bead Custom Property
      For Weld Bead Custom Property, in Property name, select from:
      • Weld Material
      • Weld Process
      • Weld Mass per Unit Length
      • Welding Cost per Unit Mass
      • Welding Time per Unit Length
        You define weld bead custom properties when you insert weld beads in parts or assemblies. To view or edit weld bead properties, in the FeatureManager design tree, in the Weld Folder , right-click a Weld sub-folder and click Properties. The Weld Bead Properties dialog box contains the custom properties for the weld.