Changing the Type and Size of Weld Beads

You can edit weld beads as you would any feature by right-clicking a weld bead in the FeatureManager design tree and clicking Edit Feature . However, you can also drag weld beads within the Weld Folder to change the type and size of the weld bead in the weld symbol.

When you use the following method (instead of editing the weld bead feature) to change the type and size of weld beads, only the weld symbol information is changed. The actual weld bead feature does not change in the graphics area or in the Weld Bead PropertyManager.
  1. In the FeatureManager design tree, expand Weld Folder .
  2. Expand the Weld subfolder that you want to change.
    In this image, there are:
    • Four 3mm Fillet Beads
    • One 5mm Single V Butt Weld

  3. Select the Weld Bead to change, then drag it to a different Weld subfolder and drop it when the pointer changes to pointer_add_to_folder.gif.
    You can drag multiple weld beads at the same time.
    A dialog box alerts you that moving the weld bead changes the weld size and type.
  4. Click OK.
    The weld bead moves to the new Weld subfolder and its type, size, and symbol are updated. The Weld subfolder increments by the number of weld beads you added to the folder.