Weld Bead Properties Dialog Box

Use the Weld Bead Properties dialog box to set weld bead properties that appear in weld tables in drawings.

To display this dialog box:

In the FeatureManager design tree, expand Weld Folder , then right-click a Weld subfolder and click Properties.

Weld Folders

The left column of the dialog box lists each unique group (same type and size) of weld beads. When you select an item in this column, any changes you make in the Properties column apply to all weld beads in the group.


You can define the following properties associated with weld beads.
  • Weld Material
  • Weld Process
  • Weld Mass per Unit Length
  • Welding Cost per Unit Mass
  • Welding Time per Unit Length
  • Number of weld passes (the number of times required to deposit the correct amount of welding material)

Evaluated Values

The following properties are calculated based on the values you set in Properties.
  • Total Number of welds
  • Total Weld Length
  • Total Weld Mass
  • Total Welding Cost
  • Total Welding Time