Mirroring Sheet Metal Parts

You can mirror features and bodies in a sheet metal part. You can also mirror an entire sheet metal part to create an opposite-hand version of the original part.

When you mirror features and bodies in a sheet metal part, many of the bends are mirrored as well. The only bends that are not mirrored are those that are normal to and coincident to the mirror plane; those bends are extended.

You can also:
  • Mirror selected sheet metal features in the part
  • Create a second, mirrored sheet metal body in the part
  • Use the Insert > Mirror Part command to create a part that is an opposite-hand version of the original part

To mirror a body in a sheet metal part:

  1. In an existing sheet metal part, click Mirror Tool_Mirror_Features.gif on the Features toolbar, or click Insert > Pattern/Mirror > Mirror.
    If a message appears that says sheet metal features cannot be mirrored individually, click OK.
  2. In the PropertyManager, select a plane of symmetry or a planar face as the Mirror Face/Plane PM_plane.gif. Use Select Other from the shortcut menu if necessary.
  3. Select a body as the Bodies to Mirror PM_solid_surface_bodies.gif.
  4. Under Options, click Merge solids.
    If you clear Merge solids, a second body that is the mirror of the original is created in the part.
  5. Click .
    The entire part is mirrored as well as the sheet metal bends.