Updating SpeedPaks

You must manually update out-of-date SpeedPak configurations to incorporate changes you make in the assembly.

When you make changes to an assembly, the changes are not automatically incorporated into the SpeedPak configurations, even when you rebuild the assembly. You must manually update the SpeedPak configurations to incorporate the changes.
The SpeedPak icon in the ConfigurationManager: CAD Family tab and the ConfigurationManager tab is flagged with when the SpeedPak is out-of-date.

Updating Assembly SpeedPak Configurations

You can update out-of-date SpeedPak configurations in the assembly in which they are created.

To update a SpeedPak:

In the ConfigurationManager: CAD Family tab or the ConfigurationManager tab, under Configurations, right-click an existing SpeedPak configuration and click Update SpeedPak.

The SpeedPak configuration updates to incorporate component changes.

Updating Subassembly SpeedPaks from Parent Assembly

You can update out-of-date subassembly SpeedPak configurations from within the parent assembly.

You can update all subassembly SpeedPaks at once, or update only SpeedPaks in selected subassemblies.

To update subassembly SpeedPaks:

Do one of the following:
  • To update all subassembly SpeedPaks, click Update SpeedPak Subassemblies (Assemblies toolbar), or right-click the top-level assembly in the FeatureManager design tree and click Update All SpeedPaks.
  • To update selected subassembly SpeedPaks, select one or more subassemblies, right-click, and click Update SpeedPak.
Updating subassembly SpeedPaks might take a significant amount of time depending on the number and complexity of out-of-date SpeedPaks in the parent assembly.