Adding Associative Dimensions Into Properties

To add associative dimensions into properties:

  1. Open the part and display the dimensions to add to properties.
  2. Under Property Name, enter a name or choose one from the list.
  3. From the Type list, select Text.
  4. Click the dimension in the graphics area.
    The dimension_name@feature@model_name displays under Value / Text Expression. For example, "D1@Extrude1@Block.SLDPRT".
  5. Place the cursor at the end of the dimension name and add additional text, such as millimeters.
    Values are cumulative unless you clear the content in the Value / Text Expression cell. Cumulative values enable you to include dimensions, units, and other text.

    For example: Click one dimension in the graphics area, enter x in the Value / Text Expression cell, and click additional dimensions in the graphics area to display dimension_name@feature@model_name x dimension_name@feature@model_name.

  6. Click any cell in the table.
    The value of the property displays under Evaluated Value.

    Dimensions included in properties update when you modify the dimension in the part.