Adding Mass Properties

To add mass properties:
  1. In a file, click File > Properties.
  2. In the dialog box, click the Custom tab for properties that apply to the entire document, or the Configuration Specific tab for properties that vary from one configuration to another.
  3. Enter a Property Name for the mass property.
  4. Select Text from the Type list.
  5. Under Value / Text Expression, select the appropriate mass property from the list.
    Mass properties use the following, system-generated format:

    SW-mass_property@ @ configuration@model_name

    Example: SW-Density@@large@Block.SLDPRT

  6. Press Tab or Enter.
    The value of the property appears under Evaluated Value.
  • Mass properties for non-active configurations do not update until you make the configuration active. If you specify a non-active configuration in Applies to, an asterisk (*) appears under Evaluated Value, and a footnote states Calculated the next time the configuration is active.
  • Units of measure for mass properties are specified in document properties. To access document properties, click Tools > Options, then on the Document Properties tab, click Units. Units of measure for mass properties are specified under Mass property units.