Defining Custom Table or BOM Rows

You can enter custom data in table rows. For example, you can define a row for an item that does not belong to the assembly, such as paint in a BOM.

  1. Add a new blank row if necessary. See Inserting Columns or Rows in Tables.
  2. Double-click a cell to enter text or use tools from the Note toolbar to populate the cell.
    For example, enter Paint in the PART NUMBER column.
  3. Click outside the cell to complete editing of the cell.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to populate the other cells in the row as required.
    You can also perform this procedure on existing table cell entries.
    If the cell entry is linked to a property, you are prompted to break or retain the link:
    • Break the link to change the table display without changing the property.
    • Retain the link to modify the property.